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The term “custom” means different things to different people, and certainly there is a lot of difference when companies advertise themselves as a custom essay writing service.

We have the strictest definition of this term, because that is the only way we can provide students with exactly what they want and need.

There is then a 90-day probationary period, during which we assign more basic orders that we carefully review and evaluate.

If that goes well, they are then placed on permanent writer status and given orders based on their degrees and degree levels.

We would never, for example assign a writer with a degree in history to an order for an English essay or paper.

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Graduate level students always receive researchers and writers with Ph. Many of these experts are recently retired university professors who remain “current” in their research fields and can therefore provide exceptional research and writing products and services to their clients.We employ writers with all levels of degrees – Bachelor’s through Ph. Unlike other essay services, we insist that the writer degree match each customer’s order.High school students who request writing products or services will get a writer with a Bachelor’s degree in the content field of the order.Concentrate primarily on Von Drehle’s book, but feel free to use selected evidence that you find compelling from the textbook, Power Consider the difference between the declarations that "the North won the Civil War" and "the North used its greater population and industrial might to defeat the Confederacy." Or, alternately, consider the difference between the following statements: “The South lost the Civil War” and “Ultimately, the South failed to muster the manpower, resources, and popular will necessary to win the war against the Union.” You are encouraged to review the guide to writing a history essay and sample essays posted on our Blackboard class site.• In general, an excellent essay will have an insightful, important, and clear thesis which responds directly to the question(s) posed in the essay prompt and is supported by well-organized evidence.We keep these around-the-clock hours because students do not keep regular time schedules.Sometimes they are up in the middle of the night and need urgent help. Here is the step-by-step process that occurs whenever a student places an order.Thus, if a student orders a world history research paper, the assigned writer will have a Bachelor’s degree in history.Undergraduate students who request writing products or services will get a writer with at least a Master’s degree in the academic discipline of the order.INSTRUCTIONS Remember, this is not a book review, but an analytical essay that responds directly to the question posed above.You should make a clear argument, or thesis statement, in the first paragraph, and back it up with persuasive evidence.


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