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If you use a Chromebook for your online coursework or you use Google Docs to complete your assignments and are unable to upload your assignments to your e Learning course, Download as Microsoft Word and upload the Microsoft Word format file.Understanding Word: Lesson 1 Guided Notes Lesson One Comprehensive Notes: Lesson One Digital Textbook, Word Lesson One Quizlet Word Lesson One Project Directions Scholarship Letter: Honors Project or Extra credit for on level1.02Basic Editing Lesson 2 Guided Notes Lesson 2 Digital Textbook Lesson 2 Notes and Vocabulary sheet Lesson 2 Project Directions Lesson 2 Student Data Files 1.03Character Formatting: Lesson 3 Guided Noteslesson 3 Digital Textbook LESSON 3 KEY TERMS, COPY FROM HERE Lesson 3 Projects Directions Student Data Files1.04Paragraph Formatting: Lesson 4 Notes Lesson 4 Digital Textbooklesson 4 Vocabulary Quizlet for Lesson 4Lesson 4 Projects (I typically need to demonstrate these first)Student Data Files for Lesson 4 Projects 1.05Managing Text Flow: Word Core lesson 5 Key Terms (Copy These)Lesson 5 Notes Lesson 5 Digital Textbook Lesson 5 Projects Directions Student Data Files 1.06Creating Tables Lesson 6 Notes Lesson 6 Digital Textbook Lesson 6 vocabulary Supplementary Assignment: College Table Assignment Lesson 6 Projects Lesson 6 Student Data Files for Projects 1.07Working with Themes, Style Sets, Backgrounds, Quick Parts, and Text Boxes Lesson 7 Notes lesson 7 Digital Textbook Lesson 7 Vocabulary Lesson 7 Project Directions Project Data Files1.08Using Illustrations and Graphics Lesson 8 Notes Lesson 8 Digital Text Book Lesson 8 Vocabulary Quizlet Lesson 8 Projects Directions Lesson 8 Student Data Files1.09Formatting a Research Paper Lesson 9 Guided Notes Lesson 9 Digital Textbook Lesson 9 Vocabulary Formatting a Research Paper: Lesson 9 Notes and Vocabulary Lesson 9 Projects Directions Lesson 9 Student Data Files Objective 2: Word Expert: Understand advanced word processing skills using Microsoft Word 2016.

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Once students make a submission, they can no longer edit their files (from either Schoology or Microsoft One Drive).

As the instructor and owner of the file, you will always have edit access to each of your students' file.

The first time you create an assignment using the Microsoft One Drive Assignments app, a new folder called Schoology automatically generates at the root level in your associated Microsoft One Drive.

With each new assignment you create, new folders populate automatically with the following hierarchy: Each time a student makes a copy of the file, it is added to the Assignment folder.

If you assigned only to individual students, those students appear in the list.

Viewing In Progress Files When you select a student’s name who has not yet clicked the My Document tab in their view of the assignment, the following message displays: It looks like [student’s first name] has not opened this assignment yet.Student Copies of Your Document Students click the My Document tab in their view of the assignment to create their own copy of your original file.As the instructor, you are the owner of the document in Microsoft, and the file is shared with your students.This copy displays when you select a student from the list in your In Progress tab until the student makes a submission.Once the student submits, his or her name and document display in the Submissions tab instead.However, files must be opened in the Word desktop version or saved as a in Word Online.For a list of supported files types and more information please see the Microsoft Office Support Center.Monitor the progress of your students before they submit.Provide feedback directly on submissions using the native Microsoft One Drive feedback tools.Find out what key assignments are available to you with your Word documents.This may be useful if, for instance, you can't recall the shortcuts you assigned to your Word templates, or you're on someone else's computer and want to know which keys are available.


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