Tx Power Level Assignment

pins 23,11 and 24 can be set active LO or active HI.The mobile does not supply a highlogic voltage, it requires an external pullup resistor or circuit that can sense an open vs ground condition.

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17 d Bm Tx Power Level 4 .......................... AUTOMATIC Current Tx Power Level ....................

14 d Bm Tx Power Level 5 ..........................

Under System\Conv on the right side, the overall power level can be set to high or medium.

If your radio does not have the 100W option,the high setting should be ~ 50W and medium should be 20 -30W.

If Y, check to see if ACC_MIC line pin 19 is being loaded by the interface.

There are 2 places in the editor where TX power can be set.Also the ground at pin 8 should be connected to the external circuit ground.Be sure that the 'mobile' box is checked to the right of the output pin assignment under Global\Common\Mobile IO. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. I have a KNG-M150 set up as a base station in our shop. connector I was not able to get the opt output ports to work with COR. I also discovered the CTCSS TX tones have decreased in level to the point they no longer work. The dual spkr option as you know is only for portables. However, it becomes more complicated for the 5 GHz band, because it depends on the band (channel) you are using and on the 802.11h (DFC and TPC) capabilities.The channels 120, 124 and 128 are grayed out, because Cisco left them out, because there is critical radar (aviation, weather) equipment on these channels. However (sigh), this is still not the complete picture.But unfortunately here i have to use different identification except A, B (example: Tx , Tx- or D , D-). I illustrated the regulatory limit for Europe / ETSI in the following figure: Today, the WLAN equipment is typically DFS and TPC capable, to use may use the channels 36 – 140 in Europe.It should not be necessary to assign a front panel button to enable/disable all Mobile IO, although this can be done if desired.Are the TX CTCSS tones at the proper level with your interface disconnected?


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