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Transitional words just from the word transit, means to bridge something from one point to another, therefore these are words used in an essay to link points and paragraphs to facilitate smooth flow.In addition to that, they can be used to move to another paragraph to show the continuity of ideas.

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Most of these words mean the same thing, though they fill different places in the sentence.

Prepositions like ‘despite,’ ‘in spite of, ’ and ‘regardless of’ are used before a noun phrase.

Mix the flour with all the ingredients well; next, prepare the dough.

Synonyms can also be used as transitional words in your writing.

Examples: Even if she was tired after work, Mary always cooked dinner for her family.

(Sometimes she was tired and sometimes she wasn’t, but in either case she cooked.) Use the words at the top or bottom of the essay to fill in the gaps (blanks) in this essay about online learning.

Transitional words can be used in your essay in several instances: It is very important for you to go through various samples of transitional devices because they help your work look more organized.

Reading various transitional words may not be helpful if you do not apply them.

Adverbs like ‘although’ precede a clause (with both subject and verb.) However, ‘even if’ has a different meaning.

It does not concede that something is true, but states that what follows applies whether or not the ‘if’ clause is true.


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