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This section introduces your reader to the topic at hand.It gives details on what you intend to say and a little background information.Most of the dirty work will be done by you after all. IB TOK is a very watered down, sort of introductory philosophy class. To think critically about a wide variety of issues. Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing are what bricks are to a construction company; they help you construct your ‘building’ (which in this case is your argument). The maximum word count for a TOK essay is 1600 words (at least it was when I did IB.

Since IB prescribes 1400-1600 word limit thus between the limits of above 1200 and below 1600 words, let us work with a desirable range of 1450-1550 words.

Pick an ideal 3 AOK ‘Areas of knowledge’, 3 WOK ‘Ways of knowing’, and in no case any less than 2 of each.

More importantly, you need to define complex terms that the reader may encounter to make it easier for them to understand your work.

These paragraphs provide arguments and counterarguments to support your point of view.

The writer needs to understand the topic he/she intends to cover in a theory of knowledge essay, the audience and how to deliver what they intend to say.

When dealing with the subject, the author comes up with suitable ideas that present their point of view and relevant evidence to justify their claims.

The arguments/counter-arguments are what separate a ‘meh’ TOK essay from a fantastic one. In this case, I’ve made it clear what my AOK and WOK’s are. I chose a classic “The Arts” vs “The Natural Sciences” comparison.

Now I can make an argument with either ‘reason’ or ’emotion’ and then counter argue with the other WOK. I first developed a argument/counter-argument with ‘The Arts’ and then moved on to ‘The Natural Sciences’. If you’ve got an idea for a format yourself, then that’s fine.

Each claim /argument has to be balanced with a counter claim / counter argument.

So, with 3 AOK, 3 WOK, and for each claim and counterclaim, you will need 6-7 paragraphs of 150-200 words each.


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