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Combinations of steering behaviors can be used to achieve higher level goals (For example: get from here to there while avoiding obstacles, follow this corridor, join that group of characters…) This paper divides motion behavior into three levels.It will focus on the middle level of steering behaviors, briefly describe the lower level of locomotion, and touch lightly on the higher level of goal setting and strategy. Department of Statistical Sciences University of Toronto St George office: Stewart Building, Room 410A Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences University of Toronto Scarborough UTSC office: Instructional Centre, Room 345 E-mail: tkl.wong"at"I am an assistant professor at the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough and the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto.

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2016: Joint Mathematics Meeting, Seattle; CFRM Seminar, University of Washington; Probability and Statistics Seminar, University of Southern California; SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics & Engineering, Texas.

2015: CFMAR Seminar, University of California, Santa Barbara; Stochastic Portfolio Theory and Related Topics, Columbia University; Probability and Computational Finance Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University; Financial/Actuarial Mathematics Seminar, University of Michigan; Mathematical Finance Colloquium, University of Southern California.

Conclusion The final part of the thesis is a conclusion.

Here, you approve that the objectives of your research have been completed, give a summary of your results, formulate the most critical statement, make predictions about the consequences of the investigation.

Analysis and Discussion In the discussion section, you analyze your work performance, endeavor, achievements, and give a detailed explanation of each.

You write comments on your good or bad results and answer questions related to the topic.

Title Page On a title page, you write the heading of your paper, your name and surname, the educational establishment you study in, the department, research mentors, and the date of delivery.

Abstract A 300-400 word abstract explains the significance of a paper, gives a short but detailed description of data, methods you used in research, and the achieved results.

Commonly, a structure for thesis consists of a title page, an abstract, an introduction, a literature review, the methods, results and discussion, conclusions, and references.

On the whole, the function of the structure is to explain the aim and objectives of the research.


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