Thesis Papers On The Crucible

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In this event, Betty, Parris’ daughter and Ruth the daughter of Thomas fell and became unconscious.

The parents of these girls suspected that their daughters were demon possessed.

Other actors who contributed to the film include Bruce Davidson as Reverend Parris, Rob Campbell as Reverend Hale, Jaffrey Jones as Thomas Putman, Karron Graves as Mary Warren, Charlayne Woodard as Tituba, among others.

The movie shooting took place on the island of Hog in Essex, Massachusetts. The movie starts by a scene where young girls in their teen age gather in the woods and dance while chanting.

Miller himself said in a note about the historical accuracy of his play that the “play is not historic in the sense in which the word is used by academic historians” (Miller and Blakesley, xvii).

There are historical characters presented in this film. He also accepts that he never captured the whole of their characters and personalities.John defended his wife against the accusation, an issue that turned against him. Elizabeth survived execution of the sentence because she was pregnant.Arthur Miller’s play and movie was a reflection of what used to happen in the United States of America.The community at that time was religious and did not entertain witchcrafts.According to their judicial systems, anybody who denied the accusations was supposed to die. This meant that John Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth Proctor, was to be hung if she denied the allegations, as was Abigail’s plan.Elizabeth Proctor, John’s wife was one of the named people.This was Abigail’s plan to kill her in order for her to get back John Proctor.Tituba, after subjection to torment, confessed to be a witch.This made the girls to name other people whom they had seen practicing witchcraft.Even though the movie tried to be historically accurate, there are minor deviations from history.The characters he employed in presenting his message in the movie were not the real historical individuals and thus were prone to have some differences.


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