Thesis On Wlan Security

I talk on my cordless phone, transmit music to my headphones wirelessly, and give presentations using a wireless microphone.

I send music from my PC to my stereo system wirelessly.

The list of wireless applications at my disposal each day is vast and varied.

I control all my multimedia systems with wireless remote controls.

However, the results demonstrated that the performance of throughput degraded while security protocols were enabled.

Similarly, RTT values were also increased after enabling the security protocols.

Moreover, this research has used the IPv4 as well as IPv6, with TCP/UDP packet types.

The collected data has been analysed in order to answer the research questions in chapter four.

The metrics that were used to measure network performance included throughput, round trip time (RTT), and CPU utilization.

The results from the testing showed that the data throughput values in the open system were higher comparable to secured systems.


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