Thesis On Nostradamus

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He came from a small province called Angouleme and Angoulmois was the capital.

It appears in books published in the 16th century in France. He spent his time trying to make war against many Europeans countries, at that time, united under the rule of Charles V, and the King of Angoulmois did alliance with Muslims.

From many parts of the world and from different times. I would like to add some others which were false prophecies and were not fulfilled but it will done in a future time. It is not talking a war will being in July of 1999, neither about the end of the world.

I started my research on prophecies in 1989 (so far 17 years) and I published a book. I believe you can understand the same I can, the quatrain is about a king (leader) who will appear in July of 1999.

It´s an idea straight out of sci-fi, but Vinge is not the only person to suggest robots have the potential to destroy mankind.

In his book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, Ray Kurzweil comments that the technological advances of the human race will allow the average man on the street to boost his intellectual capacity in a computer product purchased from a shop.The year 2000 should be considered part of the 90s.During 2000, the Nasdaq level came from 5000 points to 2500 and US$ 3 trillion vanished from the market. The larger Egyptian prophecy has an imaginary line inside it and, after an association of inch - year is done, this line finishes, according to some, in September 17th 2001.The prophecy was certainly about the appearing of a king, or a world leader.The unknown Vladimir Putin appeared in the international scenario in August 9th of 1999 as Prime Minister and became President suddenly in the last day of 1999, while 1999 turned up side down shows the number 666. In the day 11th of August of 1999, a cross appeared in the sky and it was also seen by some as a strange omen. What about the difference of 9 days between the "7 months" of Nostradamus and the real date Putin became arrived in power?He was born in 1952, seven years after the 2nd World War. One of his prophecies said: While many old prophets said that a international crises would be one signal of the 3rd War, this "ground level" was achieved, in a certain way, at the last year of the 90s, which is 2000.His father, who combated during the 2nd War as a volunteer, almost died there and got injuried for the rest of his life and could not walk perfectly. Since our calendar does not had the year 0, our counting started on year 1 and the first decade finished only after the end of year 10.A Canadian reviewer with Master in Religion and thesis in prophecies loved it. Mars is usually interpreted as war, but let´s forget it for while and just pay attention to the first 3 lines.If you think you may be interested, please write to [email protected] Many prophecies were telling that something strange would happen in 1999 or 2000. There is an indication of time in one line and twice a king was mentioned.They are getting closer and Bill Gates has been quoted as saying that artificial intelligent entities will be the fastest growing market by 2030.Stephen Hawkings, a leading scientific authority in the UK has said, that in order for mankind not to become servitude to AI, humans will need to be genetically engineered.


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