Thesis On Groundwater Pollution

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The WHO’s threshold for drinking water is 0.05 mg Cr/ l. effusus in constructed wetlands that clean chromium containing waste water.

However, 200 times higher concentration had no influence on J. Ullrich Soltmann, Ph D at the University of Bremen, 2005 We are trying to establish the role played by root-associated bacteria in the degradation of xenobiotics (aromatics, phenolic compounds and PAHs) in aquatic systems using helophytes.

Strain Pp G7 was introduced into the naphthalene degrading sand bed planted with Carex gracilis After 2 and 10 weeks, respectively, samples were taken from roots, rhizospheric sand and root-far sand.

After cultivation, fluorescent colonies, 5 each of the samples, were characterized by RAPD-PCR.

Perungudi dumpsite in the southern part of Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) located within Pallikaranai marsh is growing rapidly.

To understand the existing problem in the Perungudi dumpsite, a stakeholders meeting was conducted which revealed that the groundwater contamination is the major issue concerning the community.As(V) could precipitate as Fe As O4 or be immobilized on hydrated iron oxides. Even salt concentrations around 0.5 % are enough to affect all tested parameters negatively.Under anaerobic conditions, As(V) was reduced to As(III), which could precipitate with Sd, respectively). For comparison: maximum capacity of salt in fresh water is 0.2 %.In experiments with different chromate concentrations, permanent damages occur at concentrations higher than 34 µM K.This concentration is conform to 10 mg chromium per litre.Experiments under defined conditions should show which concentrations of salt and heavy metals do have negative effects on growth processes in plants.Changes in photosynthesis and CO fixation had been measured and whether there is an accumulation of toxic substances.Herbal metabolism is hampered by pollutants within the waste water.For example oxygen transport, which is essential for operation of constructed wetlands, could be interrupted.Investigations address in particular the dependence of the composition, abundance and diversity of root-associated bacteria on the plant species, as well as the influence exerted by xenobiotics.The goal is to characterize the bacterial degraders.


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