The Question Of The Other Essays In Contemporary Continental Philosophy

The Question Of The Other Essays In Contemporary Continental Philosophy-29
But Laudan’s point was largely epistemic: he thought that one cannot arrive at a satisfactory definition of science (or pseudoscience) in terms of a small number of necessary and jointly sufficient conditions, and that one ought to stop using the generic label of “pseudoscience” and instead focus on the individual epistemic issues of specific claims made by homeopaths, parapsychologists and the like.Even Laudan, however, was well aware of the fact that philosophy of science is (partly) inherently prescriptive, since that’s what distinguishes it from sociology and history of science: “Philosophers should not shirk from the formulation of a demarcation criterion merely because it has …One also has to have a number of other co-causes in place for it to happen — such as poor health and diet, which are in turn co-caused by poverty.

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Then again, one needs to be careful about wishing a particular offspring to come out of a given coupling.

judgmental implications associated with it.” But, he says, if we have to demarcate, we better do a good job of it.

With a number of colleagues I put together a collection of essays responding to Laudan’s concerns and attempting to move forward in the debate about science and pseudoscience.

Indeed, science is too important, and too generously funded, for that conversation not to be an open, public and ongoing one.

The problem is that Babich’s attempt will simply give more excuses to both philosophers of science and scientists to keep ignoring the entire area of science studies and rehearsing instead the infamous “science wars” of the 1990s.


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