The Loyalists Coursework

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We study these broader topics because we have to prove that one day we can teach undergraduates and graduates big theme courses (regardless of whether or not we want to jump into the academic rabbit hole). students who’ve taken two years or more after coursework to study for these exams. Employers want to be able to see you can walk the history walk before they hire you. students and candidates actively apply for and present at conferences to show off their research and receive important critiques by peers before the dissertation is completed. We spend months at a time preparing conference proposals (which all seem to happen in the Fall months), begging people we don’t know to be our chairs and commentators, and then we still have to write our presentations. Ask them when they are going to get married and have kids.

History with Early American and Digital History minor fields. After getting all of those fellowships, people want to see what you’ve done with all of that time and money. students shoot up a respectful, dignified middle finger to society and do their own thing.

The committee is a big checks and balances system to make sure they let us loose into society as professionals. program while you are traveling, studying, writing, and presenting is almost impossible.

This includes online searches, messaging archives you have a hunch might have the good stuff, and talking to other scholars in related fields. What one historian might be ok with, the other might be revolted by. moms and dads find themselves adding on extra years to their programs because it’s really hard to travel, write, and present with a baby who needs parents for survival.

program–whether it’s in history, the humanities, medical school, who cares–give them a big supportive hug.

We know that everyone means well and that yes, your life is difficult too, but it would be nice for someone to ask how our work is going as opposed to “Oh dear lord, are you finished already?

If someone donated a dollar for every time a group of graduate students gathered at a bar to laugh and cry about these kinds of questions, we could pay off the nation’s student loans and possibly take a nice chunk out the national debt. You have good cop, bad cop, and the person who goes for the jugular.

At GMU, we are lucky that our minor fields are our written exams, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. Then if you are lucky enough to pass your writtens, you are escorted into a room at a pre-scheduled time with your committee and locked in there for hours.

Prior to establishing independence, American Colonists were subject to laws enacted by the British Parliament, a ruling body in which they had no representation.

Opposition to these laws, particularly those regarding taxation, would eventually lead the Colonists to revolt.


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