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Stream of consciousness, first introduced by William James, is a literary technique employed to evince subjective as well as objective reality.

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This article is about the role that subtext plays in his works, in general, and in his Blind Owl, in particular.

The main reasons for writing the article are: to highlight subtext as a literary device; to apply subtext to such Hedayat short stories as "Dāsh kol" (Dash Akol), "Sag-i Velgard” (the stray dog), " b-i Zendegī” (the water of life), and other short stories; and to illustrate how mourning rituals that Hedayat might have observed in India, serve as a subtext for his Būf-i Kūr (the blind owl).

The Sound and the Fury is disarrayed, unorganized and syntactically broken which bears nearness to stream of consciousness.

Whereas The Blind Owl is in speech level, organized and arrayed, coherent in each part that the story digresses, not turbulent and anarchic in syntax and grammar and lastly, is with the audience.

The boys grow up together in India and, as young men, they both sleep with...

more In the context of its Buddhist subtext, the story in The Blind Owl can be summarized as follows: In pre-Mongol times, in India, a couple has identical twin boys.Some anti-British, and after September 1941 anti-American activities are evident among Iranian intellectuals under the rule of...more A new antagonistic discourse has been formed among intellectuals, in the intellectual history of the world.Al-e-Ahmad's anti-west attitudes appear in his criticism to the exploitation of his country by foreigners and to the manifestation of western civilization and anti-Americanism.Sāedi's anti-west beliefs appear in form of anti-colonialism, anti-Americanism and anti-Russian attitudes.نقطه‌ای در تاریک‌خانه (تحلیل روان‌شناختی دو داستان کوتاه تاریک‌خانه اثر صادق هدایت و نقطه‌ای بر روی نقشه اثر سعید فائق) (A Dot in the Dark Room Psychological Analysis of the Short Stories The Dark Room by Sadeq Hedayat and A Dot on the Map by Sait Faik Abasıyanık)Iran and Turkey witnessed deep and broad social changes in an effort to Modernization in the first half of 20th century.The social changes had wide-ranging consequences, including personal and psychological effects. more Iran and Turkey witnessed deep and broad social changes in an effort to Modernization in the first half of 20th century.The Narratological qualities on the level of language are categorized in speech and pre-speech level.Speech level represents logical, sequential and social connection.Some anti-British, and after September 1941 anti-American activities are evident among Iranian intellectuals under the rule of Pahlavi I.The westerns' anti-west beliefs disclose the unjust behavior of west in contrast to non-westerns, what Chamskey introduces as one of intellectualism components.


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