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It is important to view this play from the geopolitical setting of the time it was conceived, and how that affects the imagery the playwright used, in telling the story of the weary salesman; Willy.From the title of the play, the reader/audience gets the hint that someone will die.Willy is established at this point that he prefers going back in time and reliving the memories he cherished, as though they were unfolding in real life, and so it is easy to make an inference that indeed, Willy was handsome and that he cannot grasp how age has ravaged his looks.

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Willy launches a verbal attack on his son, labeling him as being lazy and a wasteful bum, but then he changes that line and then states very emphatically that Biff is not lazy. It is obvious that Willy wants to associate himself with Biff and not Happy.

To prove this premise, the fact is Willy boasts to his wife on how Biff was popular with the female students, and that all he needed was just to show them a little attention, and they would be eating out of his hand (Miller 10-13).

Willy also projects himself onto his son such that he does not distinguish the fact that Biff has his own life (Corrigan 98-107).

In act one he and Linda is talking bout his drive back from work in the field and then Biff's return from Texas.

He gets demoted and stagnated in his career, which drove him to a point where he did not receive a salary, but still persisted to work for the company.

Relating to the title The Death of a Salesman can be interpreted to mean that Willy in his role as a salesman, was no longer effective nor was he relevant, and so he was technically dead in that capacity.In one of Willy's mental breakdowns, the author takes the audience back in time when Biff and Happy are young, and from the description they were still in high school.Willy gives a sense of delusional self-importance; telling his sons where he was and how he gets a rousing welcome, whenever in town to the extent a police officer would guard his car as if it were his own.He could hardly know that his son was on the verge of being flanked by his Math teacher were it, not for the intervention of Bernard.Another aspect to consider is condition that he does not seem to single out Happy in aspect, and have a meaningful conversation with him.Biff was the avenue which he would show the world that Willy Lamon had it all.A great job charisma a star athlete for a son and soon a businessman.Instead of the father focusing on his son's educational achievements or milestones, he chooses the vain option, why is this so?The playwright gives an answer coded in the conversation, in act one, between Linda and Willy.He exudes confidence that his son would be the best in no time as himself.In that context, Willy is referring to how he had been popular just like Biff, and so it is reasonable that he would love sales (just like him) and achieve such incredible success in a short period (just like him) (Miller 10-13).


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