Technology Disadvantages Essay

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Since, children can be playful sometimes; they should not be allowed to operate any machinery by themselves to avoid any accidents from happening.Other than that, opponents also firmly believe that modern technology can also make people lazier.

It can be machinery or appliances that are made to make our lives easier.

The amazing part about this technology is, that it is all done with no ill affects to the integrity of engine or drive-line components if driven responsibly, and all while increasing efficiency and mileage.

This is achieved by changing parameters in the power train control module of the vehicle, such as: timing, fuel pressure, boost maps, pulse width, and many more to achieve maximum efficiency.

The use of technology in the classroom can bring advantages to a child’s education but can also bring disadvantages (Cleaver, 2011).

Technology properly used in the classroom has many advantages to a student’s learning.


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