Technology And Humanity Essay

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Normal human relations — those done face to face — require a whole set of rules of engagement that keep our innate selfish instincts in check.

Social norms develop around our interactions, based on the context in which they occur and the culture that we come from.

Cancer therapies are now more targeted, less toxic, and able to prolong life.

In the case of rare inborn genetic mutations, personalized gene therapy is now curing children in the EU and China.

Over many millennia, humans migrated around the globe adapting to changing climates, predators, foods, pathogens, rival tribes and countless obstacles and opportunities. Life today bears little resemblance to that of just a couple of centuries ago when life was short, often violent, harsh during long winters, treacherous for pregnant mothers, often light on calories, subject to unexpected plagues, filled with little leisure activity, and miserable in so many ways that most people today do not envy those times. Innovative technologies, created by humans to benefit themselves, are among the principal drivers of changes in the human condition.

The Darwinian drive to survive and reproduce has expressed itself in unexpected ways through the human mind, which is always seeking to create, invent, develop, improve and advance.

We all know the story: stone tools led to writing, aqueducts, printing, farm implements, heating, electricity, medicines, computers, satellites, gene therapy and more.

Today, surviving to adulthood and reproducing occurs with greater certainty than ever, thanks to manmade technologies — antibiotics, nutritious and abundant foods, fertility treatments, C-sections.


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