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The first stage he observed is called the forming stage or ice breaking stage.

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Stage two according to Tuckman is called storming and it is here that members come and sit together to discus issues affecting them.

This stage is said to be the most difficulty stage as this is the time that the members realize that the task ahead is tough.

The third stage is the norming stage as per the Tuckman’s theory.

In this stage members establish and define group roles and rules.

Tuckman theory is a model that describes the five stages of group development and was developed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965.

He had initially differentiated and described four stages but later in 1977 in conjunction with Jensen further refined and developed this theory something that led to the introduction of the fifth stage.The stages follow each other in a certain order thereby making the movement from one stage to the other a process. You will be expected to write reflectively for different reasons.At this time members trust and work together for mutual goals.They feel comfortable and thus there is high likelihood of goals achievement.According to Tuckman, these are very crucial stages that must be followed by any team that wants to progress.He came to this conclusion after closely observing the behaviors of different small groups.You need to read textbooks about team building, team roles, leadership styles and other relevant issues and think about the questions below.Stephen Taylor Dominic Greene SPA-361 Reflection on Group Dynamics The group dynamics within our issue group were nothing to complain about in my opinion. We all were invested in the goal and implementation of the goal.The fifth and the final stage and is called the adjourning stage.This is the completion stage of the tasks started and that is why it is also called the disengagement stage. Antipatterns: Identification, Refactoring, and Management.


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