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The takeaway here is that I’ve had to think hard about how to teach writing because the process of writing isn’t really one that I had to articulate before I had students.Knowing that many of you are almost ready to collect first essay assignments, I thought I’d talk a bit today about how we teach writing to students. Explain what an essay’s introduction needs to do (set out the argument, introduce the reader to the sources, gesture at the essay’s counterargument). Ask each group to take one sheet of paper, and together as a group, write out the introductory paragraph to their essay. Ask groups to pause, and explain what topic sentences need to do.

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Emphasize that written work should be produced independently to avoid plagiarism, but that students can and should talk through ideas with peers, and ask people to proofread their work.

You should also suggest that it can sometimes be very helpful to step away from the laptop, pull out a piece of paper, and try to draft something the old-fashioned way.

That group is now responsible for coming up with the pieces of evidence for each paragraph.

They may use bullet points rather than write full sentences. Ask groups to pass their completed essay back to the original groups.

Writing should be a process that helps students figure out their argument, and they shouldn’t really know exactly what they’re arguing until they’ve analyzed their evidence.

2) That the essays they’ve written were easy to write for two reasons: because they talked about it out loud, and because they were writing by hand.

They will need to see an example of each of these such as an essay that starts with a question or with a statistic.

The keys to these teacher strategies in special education for struggling writers are that you need many examples, you should break down the whole five-paragraph essay introduction paragraph lesson into several days or weeks, and you would move slowly, assessing students' understanding as you go along.

entire essay, catch the reader's attention, and make him want to keep reading.

When teaching how to write an introduction paragraph, teachers will show examples of their own work or previous students' on an overhead projector or Smartboard.


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