Teaching English As A Foreign Language Essay

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Learning a second language can benefit a person in a number of ways.

For instance, a person discovers the tradition and customs of a different culture.

For instance, a teenager who is learning to speak French should learn about the history of France, its traditions, people, literature, and even its cuisine.

By taking a foreign language, a person learns about a place and its people as well as the language spoken there.

The knowledge of the words and sounds in one foreign language can make learning another language a smoother process.

Calculation of the bacterial growth rate from a spectrophotomer growth curve? What is the purpose of setting a key in data.table?It's been shown that knowing a second language can open opportunities in the workplace.Learning a second language takes patience and persistence.Consequently, he or she must use creative thinking skills to put together sentences using unfamiliar vocabulary words.Foreign language students also improve their thinking skills by comparing the words they are learning with words of their native language.A thorough foreign language course offers more to a student than just noun and verb memorization exercises.A successful course teaches a student about the culture of the country where the language is spoken.Research findings on learning a second language show that people who learn a foreign language have more developed thinking skills than those who don't.In short, people who are learning a second language use their thinking skills to make themselves understood in the new language, improving all aspects of their thinking abilities.The creative thinking skills of students are sharpened when they learn a second language.A student in a foreign language class is seeing and hearing a lot of unfamiliar words.


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