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Maybe one day I can send them to ODCS too, as my parents did."-"The teachers at ODCS cared about us and invested time in us! Without the teachers, the coaches and my friends/teammates, I would not be where I am today.Coach Wright and I have recently become closer over my college years. He never gave up on me; I look at him as my role model.

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Having that security is priceless to me as a parent." "I was an ODCS foreign exchange student from Brazil 1991-92.

Sometimes I look my photos and remember the good times!

But as soon as I returned to Brazil, English schools in my town wanted to hire me because of the beautiful English I was speaking, without an accent. Having gone to ODCS opened the door for me here in Brazil! I've been married since 1995, and we have two children, Nicholas and Nicole.

So I decided to work as a teacher to pay for my studies and never stopped. I am still living in the same city I was born, Vila Velha, in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Although I have never returned to the US, I use English in my daily life...classes, reading articles, and movies.

I have been teaching my children to speak English; expecting them to be more successful as speaking English will open the way to a better life.Tim eventually made the decision to move to the Canton area to pursue art and start his own studio.He is now the owner of the art studio, The Hub, and the driving force behind an art district in downtown Canton.It was through Sara’s insight and gentle nudging that Tom decided to go back to school and earn his degree in Science Education.As a teacher, Tom states “satisfaction comes when even a single student suddenly ‘gets it’ and is suddenly excited about learning.I am forever grateful to the Edgar family for opening their home and hearts to me and being my American parents for that year.When the year was done, I planned on going home to become a doctor.I felt prepared for college both academically and spiritually.To be honest, I wouldn't change anything at ODCS.How wonderful that many of the people I grew up with are now teaching my own children. They have stayed late to work with one of my children and give up their lunch period if my child needs the extra help.The staff communicates with me when they know my child is having a rough time with something happening in our personal lives.


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