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I would guess that before I started using this homework program, I maybe had 10-20% of my students returning their homework to me or giving me any sort of feedback about it. I would guess that at least 60% of my students do their homework now!

Many sites contain cute printables that seem better suited for a child’s entertainment, rather than actual speech therapy.

Our goal with the list below is to provide valuable links and resources for both families and speech therapists looking for engaging and effective material to use as a supplement to current speech therapy treatments.

We know this, yet most of us in the schools are still hesitant to assign speech therapy homework.

Many of us have tried sending homework at some point and, for one reason or another, the students didn’t do it.

SHOP HOMEWORK Creating habits is the key to carryover.

Habits are built on practice, with the goal that eventually a skill will become automatic.Put a bag outside your door so they can turn in their homework anytime (make sure you also write the student’s name on the homework sheet when you assign it).Every few days, I transfer the homework into a large shopping bag that I keep in my room.My students actually look forward to getting homework, because they might win something.I fill a prize box with stuff from the dollar store.I created these free speech therapy worksheets so you can easily download and print them out to use as part of your speech therapy program.Just scroll down the page to view the worksheets by topic.Only a few kids get a prize each week, so it’s very affordable. I do a few prize drawings each week, so that each group I see for therapy can watch me do a prize drawing once a week. I leave all of the completed homework in the shopping bag for a long time and let it accumulate.For the raffle, I just reach into a big shopping bag full of my students’ completed homework and pull out a homework sheet. For example, I might do a drawing on Monday with my 8 a.m. If someone doesn’t win one week, he still has a chance the following week because his name remains in the bag.If you would like more information on what articulation therapy is you might like to read a post I have written called Teaching Speech Sounds: The Process of Traditional Articulation Therapy .Parents: If you are a mommy or a daddy (or grandma or grandpa) who wants to work with your child at home, you can use these speech therapy activity pages for extra practice.


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