Solving Word Problems Video

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The video makes reference to "equilateral" triangles. You may want to pause the video after the challenge to allow time for the students to Students learn to solve addition and subtraction word problems.

Note that key words for addition are: altogether, total, in all.

When she went to the park, she shared 10 pieces of strawberry gum.

When she left the park, Adrianna shared another 10 pieces of bubble gum. The hobby store normally sells 10,576 trading cards per month.

So in this first problem, we have 9 markers cost $11.50.

And then they ask us, how much would 7 markers cost?

Mary surveyed students in her school to find out what their favourite sports were.

Out of 1,200 students, 455 said hockey was their favourite sport.

The school’s senior band has 18 saxophone players and 29 trumpet players.

Which band has the higher ratio of trumpet to saxophone players?


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