Solving Linear Inequalities Word Problems

Solving Linear Inequalities Word Problems-49
This exercise practices word problems with systems of linear inequalities.

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If he wants an average of greater than or equal to 75 marks and less than 80 marks, find the range of marks he should score in the fifth paper.

It is easiest to understand inequalities in the context of a number line (see above).

Solution: Set up a compound inequality where the test average is between 80% and 90%.

The Systems of linear inequalities word problems exercise appears under the Algebra I Math Mission and Mathematics II Math Mission.

Addition to form equivalence inequality When using addition, we rely on the fact that any number plus zero is the number itself satisfy the inequality.

Just like what we did with multiplication, dividing both sides of an inequality with a negative number changes the sign of the inequality.

We have seen that transforming inequalities into an equivalent inequality will lead us to the solution.

To change an inequality into an equivalent inequality, we use the four basic arithmetic operations, but what operation to use is entirely dependent on the type of question, so we must keep our eyes sharp to identify what operation to use.

Also plots both the points C(0,-1) and D(2,0) in the plan and draw a line passing through these two points.

Also plots both the points E(0,6) , F(4,0) and G(0,3/2) and H(-1,0)in the plan and draw a line passing through these two points.


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