Social Work Ethics And Values Essay

Every day, social workers stand up for human rights and justice and give voice to unheard and marginalized populations.

They contribute to bettering individuals’ lives, and by doing so, they improve society as a whole.

Social workers often volunteer their time — in addition to their paid services — with no expectation for financial reward.

Social workers advocate on behalf of the oppressed, the voiceless, and others who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Professional social workers often hold undergraduate or Master’s degree in Social Work, but a fair amount of their knowledge comes from gaining on-the-job experience.

As part of the social work values outlined in the NASW Code of Ethics, each social worker must practice within his or her scope of competence and avoid misrepresenting his or her skills or experience to potential clients.

Ethics is set of moral principles of values, and these contribute to individuals and what groups live by.

Ethics consists of factors being culture, religion, and these continuously effect a person’s beliefs and ethics.

They often focus on issues such as poverty, homelessness, discrimination, harassment, and other forms of injustice.

Social workers provide information, help, and other resources to people seeking equality, and they educate people who may not directly experience discrimination about the struggles of the less fortunate.


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