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Aunt Pratima and Bikram-uncle believed they would come to the United States and be millionaires, but instead ended up being poor, struggling to survive.Jayanti as well could not believe the conditions in which her “American” aunt and uncle lived.Color and color combinations are very important to many cultures and have been for centuries, reflecting their specific beliefs and meanings.

It is also an item you can find in the Golden Chamber which is a rare area to find in dungeons.

One can find more information about the Palace of the Golden Horses online through various websites.

Ironically, where she came from there were more roads “paved with silver” and “golden roofs” for her than the part of America she has now experienced. It gave a vividly clear understanding of where Jayanti came from, how she felt being in the United States, and even more so what she was thinking.

In the short story “Silver Pavements, Golden Roofs”, the author Chitra Divakaruni highlights and enhances the theme of how Jayanti’s high class and wealthy background sets her up for high expectations of living the American Dream but later on disappoint her.

Jayanti’s mindset initially presents an optimistic future and more idealistic view of America, but upon her arrival this idealistic view slowly begins to deteriorate by her uncle’s view of America.

This idea raises the question of how does Jayanti’s uncle effect her view of America in terms of what she thought America would be and how it actually is?

The green or red bangle, which in the Hindu religion symbolizes safety and a happy, prosperous and long married life, is required to be worn by married women.

As part of the mourning ceremony, the glass bangles are smashed, “so that the glass bangles I was wearing shattered and multicolored shards flew out in every direction (271).

Her childhood song, “Will I marry a prince from a far-off land, Where the pavements are silver and the roofs all gold?

” speaks wonders for the misconception of foreigners about the United States.


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