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Before you submit your draft, make sure that the title, thesis, and conclusion match.

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It also includes a mystical and melancholy theme that we hear in scenes featuring Luke and the Force, and another theme with lyrical strings that we associate with the grace and strength of Princess Leia.

Composer John Williams has carefully planned the music to invoke emotions that help us follow the story.

I feel much the same way when I read a student paper that begins by introducing the random points A, B, and C, then jumps to unrelated paragraphs on topic X, Y, and Z.

You can’t construct a college-level paper by daisy-chaining stand-alone paragraphs that deal with one source at a time, any more than you can score an epic movie with a series of unrelated tunes.

What happens when the overture doesn’t work so well?

Let’s imagine an overture that beings with a pastoral flute solo, blending into a complex string quartet, which is then drowned out by ominous male chanting voices.

You probably won’t know what points your paper will make until you’ve hammered out a rough first draft. Just be sure to re-read the introduction you wrote before you had any real idea of what you were going to say.

If you fill up on junk food, you won’t get the nutrition you need.

A week before your paper is due, visit the writing center, or make an appointment during your instructor’s office hours.

If your instructor offers you the chance to revise, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your work.


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