Scope And Limitations In Thesis

This may include sampling errors such as using a cluster random sampling instead of simple random sampling.Another type of it is the inability of the researcher to cover a wide range of respondents from a large geographical location.

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Impact related shortcomings are those where the research suffers from poor impact by the causal factors that do not show a variation of the findings.

This mainly occurs when you use manipulated data or have poorly planned the methodology.

Finally, it establishes the validity of the research.

Researcher’s limitation occurs due to the researcher’s shortcomings.

Usually, pre-research shortcomings are presented in the proposal or synopsis of the main research. On the other hand, post-research limitations are the ones that are identified after the study was conducted.

For instance, biased findings or contradictory findings comes under post-research limitations.Suggest what should be done in the future by researchers looking to conduct similar studies.This section should comprise the remaining 30% of the total content.On the other hand methodology, related limitations include poor methods of data collection.For example, including fewer questions or irrelevant questions in the survey or interview questionnaire to collect data.This may also occur while conducting triangulation, and the findings of quantitative and qualitative do not match the secondary literature findings.There are many ways to write this section, but the three-step formula is popular.Enlisting those areas in the thesis serves many purposes.Identifying limitations or shortcomings in a study means that you have carefully considered their potential impact on your findings.This section of the limitation should be only 10% of the total content.In this step, justify and elaborate on the limitations. This should have the maximum content, of about 60%.


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