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What do students applying through the regular admissions process need to do to get an edge in the admissions process? The first conversations I have every year are with the 4.0s that are not admitted.A GPA of 4.0 on the University of Michigan campus is exceptional, but if you’re not involved in anything on campus and your essays aren’t great, you aren’t going to be admitted.

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The University of Michigan's Ross School of Business faced this exact problem.

The first step means offering a 4-year program rather than a 3-year program.

Because of the high demand, more students are looking to be accepted before their freshman years at college.

Therefore, in trying to eliminate the barrier for students to get into the business school, this change will give more students an opportunity to know if they will become Ross students right out of high school.” The Ross School of Business had to find a way to address the larger applicant pool and the changing program dynamic.

Starting in the fall 2017 semester, the Ross School of Business decided changed their process to allow incoming freshmen to apply for business school, but with an additional requirement.

Lynn Wooten, senior associate dean for student and academic excellence at the Business School, introduced the situation in this way: “Currently business is the number one intended major for students coming out of high school.

Last year, the school received about 3,000 applications from high school seniors, of whom only 340 were offered a spot in the 2014-15 class.

That means only about one in ten of that pool of applicants had a chance of getting into the school, Moody Rideout said.

There are two ways that students can go about getting into the Ross School, applying as a high school senior or applying as a University of Michigan freshman.

Do students stand a better chance at getting into Ross if they decide to apply to the school their freshman year versus through the Preferred Admission program?


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