Robert Malthus Essay On Populations

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We just want to mention what the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

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Secondly, a through reading of the various editions of his most famous work “An Essay On the Principle of Population” will demonstrate that his arguments are flawed and don't argue what is commonly believed.

For those who use Malthus' name as shorthand for a particular argument – that the world has only enough resources for a set number of people, will find themselves baffled by the content of the Essay.

As a mathematician I can see the value in Darwin’s use of Malthus essay in creating his own theory.

Darwin’s interpretation of Malthus’ work gives his own theory a sold scientific foundation to start from.

Thomas Robert Malthus was an English economist and demographer.

He was born in 1766 into a wealthy family: his father was a personal friend of the philosopher David Hume and was in contact with Jean-Jacques Rousseau.With no worries on childcare women would simply have more and more children for instance, rapidly driving society beyond its means of sufficiency.Malthus' views of people are perhaps summed up by his view of the life of a “savage”, who would;“slumber for ever under his tree unless he were roused from his torpor by the cravings of hunger or the pinching of a short time, not only the nation would be poorer, but the lower classes themselves would be much more distressed than when they received only 18 pence a day.”This cynical attitude to the “lower orders” filters through into his views on population growth.If a utopian society was to exist, it would soon collapse, “from the inevitable laws of our nature....While understanding that the lot of the poor and lower classes wasn't pleasant, his belief was that the lower orders were inherently greedy.Increasing the amount of money for the poor wouldn't improve their lives, it would simply make them lazy“The receipt of five shillings a day, instead of 18 pence, would make every man fancy himself comparatively rich and able to indulge himself in many hours or days of leisure.....The work of the Reverend Thomas Malthus can easily be said to have had a major influence on subsequent thought.Indeed, it must rank up there with works like the Communist Manifesto as books that have shaped the thoughts of entire generations. Firstly, Malthus is unashamedly a partisan of the establishment.Reverend Thomas Malthus wrote his Essay on the Principals of Populations in 1798, although it’s significance can be seen in the modern day.After over 50 years since his work was first published, his ideas can be seen repeated in Darwin’s own recent theory of evolution.


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