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Opel and the ADAC will start the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup, the first rally brand cup for electric cars in the world.The new Hyundai Tucson switches off the engine when coasting or braking at under 30kph.

Vehicles that run on solar or wind power once seemed like a futuristic dream.

Now, Electric Vehicles (EVs), which can be charged using renewable energy, are becoming more mainstream.

“This research blends together topics related to transportation, renewable energy management, and artificial intelligence,” explains co-author Emmanouil S. “We tried to avoid making too many theoretical assumptions when modelling the problem and when developing the algorithms, so the results will be applicable in real-world deployments.” By using algorithms to efficiently assign tasks, the team believe that the use of EVs in Mo D schemes is now more viable.

Efficiency, they say, will also help popularize EVs by making them more attractive to consumers, who can try them out in Mo D schemes before buying.

Polestar, the electric performance brand, has opened its first production facility, a key milestone for the rapidly growing car company.

Polestar also announces its World Manufacturing Identifier, which officiates the brand as a standalone car company.For Rigas, it is vital that his work has a positive impact on society and the environment.“Given the major problem of global warming, even the potential to have a small contribution in the effort to overcome this obstacle gave us the motivation to spend several years in researching this topic and developing solutions,” he says. UL announced that 4R Energy Corporation, a joint venture of Nissan Motors and Sumitomo Corporation focusing on the effective reuse of EV batteries for energy storage systems, is the first organization worldwide to be certified to UL 1974, the Standard for Evaluation for Repurposing Batteries.Sam Elliott, living in Texas, has a You Tube channel called Innovative Sustainable Solutions where he has recently been showing videos of his progress in creating a portable electric vehicle charging station.Opel is the first automobile manufacturer in the world to offer a battery-electric vehicle for customer rally sport.The electric competition car is based on the Opel Corsa-e.Mobisol has operations in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya and has installed more than 150,000 solar home systems, providing clean and reliable energy to over 750,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa.Tera Watt Technology, provider of very high energy density Li-ion solid-state battery solution beyond 500Wh/kg and 1400Wh/L, has announced that its 4.5Ah prototype solid-state battery design achieved a record-breaking energy density of 432Wh/kg (1122Wh/L) in validation tests conducted by third parties To support regional and statewide goals to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from tailpipes, San Diego Gas & Electric will launch a major effort to help electrify large vehicles and industrial equipment, revving up zero-emission transportation beyond passenger vehicles.This is a bridge to the 48V full hybrids that IDTech Ex foresaw some time ago.IDTech Ex correctly predicted that they would come sooner rather than later and not just as cars - thus the title of the new IDTech Ex report embracing it all, "48V Mild Hybrid and 48V Full Hybrid Vehicles 2020-2030".


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