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The effect is so extensive that the UN has predicted that the forty-eight poorest countries in the world are also likely to be the biggest contributors to population growth.Their estimates state that the combined population of these countries is likely to balloon to 1.7 billion in 2050, from 850 million in 2010.

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According to a pair of 2014 Pew Research Center surveys, however, today’s scientists are more likely than the general American public to be concerned about population growth, though not necessarily to the extent that Malthus and Ehrlich were.

Asked whether or not the growing world population will be a major problem, 59% of Americans agreed it will strain the planet’s natural resources, while 82% of U.

Overpopulation will place great demands on resources and land, leading to widespread environmental issues in addition to impacting global economies and standards of living.

The issue is compounded by the difficulty in providing solutions for this problem and misunderstanding of the causes and effects of overpopulation.

S.-based members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science said the same.

Just 17% of AAAS scientists and 38% of Americans said population growth won’t be a problem because we will find a way to stretch natural resources.

This can result in children being seen as a source of income by impoverished families.

Furthermore, children who begin work too young also lose the educational opportunities they should be granted, particularly when it comes to birth control.

These are the leading causes: Poverty is believed to be the leading cause of overpopulation.

A lack of educational resources, coupled with high death rates leading to higher birth rates, result in impoverished areas seeing large booms in population.


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