Remedial Classes Essay

Remedial Classes Essay-52
It is unacceptable that a Form V student, a repeater on top of it, should write the way he does.

Remedial Classes Essay

’” Lockett’s experience actually is quite normal in Florida.Is grammar, spelling and punctuation being rightly explained to slow learners? But what has been done by teachers to transform the negative attitude of the above student?Has sufficient consolidation work been carried out to help those who have trouble with language? It is clear that all throughout his years at school, teachers have been complaisant towards him.Nous prenon un bus ala gare de Quatre-borne pour y aller. Quand nous avons sortir nous avons parti dans un restaurants qui était a flic-en-flac.’’ This student has been systematically promoted since Form I.Quand nous avions l’entrée labas, ils avaient des Personnes qui nous avons dit « bienvenue. He has been obtaining the strict minimum in his subjects in order to pass his examinations.“J’avais choisi un de mes meilleure amis et s’était tres chère voisin qui s’appele Atish.Nous habitons tout Prés et ses Parents avait était d’accor de le laissé partir avec moi.Had the student been advised right from the beginning that carelessness leads to loss of marks, would his level of writing have been so mediocre? Has the student ever been told that it is preferable to do one thing well rather than do five things badly?Has he ever been made aware that sloppy work will not be tolerated and that quality matters? If one does not show interest in what one is doing, the results will certainly be below average.He is a repeater and is sitting for his SC in a couple of months.The extract gives us food for thought and raises certain fundamental issues about the level of teaching and learning in our colleges.


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