Religious Intolerance Essay

Similarly, a group may seek to deny other religions the opportunity to practice their faith.

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Any sign of moderation can be decried as selling out, more importantly, of abandoning God's will.

Some groups, such as America's New Christian Right and Jama'at-i-Islami of Pakistan, have operated largely through constitutional means though still pursue intolerant ends.

After all, if it is the word of God, how can one compromise it?

At the same time, scripture and dogma are often vague and open to interpretation.

Fundamentalists of any religion tend to take a Manichean view of the world.

If the world is a struggle between good and evil, it is hard to justify compromising with the devil.Suppression of Christianity in China and the Sudan are but two contemporary examples.In the case of China, it is not a conflict between religions, but rather the government views religion as a dangerous rival for citizens' loyalties.In circumstances where moderate ways are not perceived to have produced results, whether social, political, or economic, the populace may turn to extreme interpretations for solutions.Without legitimate mechanisms for religious groups to express their views, they may be more likely to resort to violence.There is a need for purification of the religion in the eyes of fundamentalists.Recently, cultural globalization has in part become shorthand for this trend.Religiously-motivated peace builders have played important roles in addressing many conflicts around the world.This aspect of religion and conflict is discussed in the parallel essay on religion and peace.All religions have their accepted dogma, or articles of belief, that followers must accept without question.This can lead to inflexibility and intolerance in the face of other beliefs.


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