Qut Binding Thesis

The Law recognizes that often the parties do not intend to create a legally binding contract.

The law therefore says that there must be an intention to create legal relations and make a distinction between social and domestic agreement (where the assumption is that there is no intention to create legal relations) and commercial and business agreements (where the law assumes that the parties intend the agreement to be legally binding).

Laminitis is a common and extremely painful hoof disease in horses.

We know that it is caused by abnormally high levels of insulin, but the mechanism of insulin action is not known.

2.2.2 Agreements treated as legally binding In the case of Merritt V Merritt (1970), the husband had already left his wife and they met to make arrangements for the future.

The husband agreed to pay 40 pounds per month maintenance, out of which the wife would pay the mortgage.

When the mortgage was paid off he would transfer the house from joint names to the wife’s name.

He wrote this down and signed the paper, but later refused to transfer the house.

2.2.1 Agreements treated as not legally binding The cases suggest that agreements within families will generally be treated as not legally binding. Jones offered a monthly allowance to her daughter if she would give up her job in the USA and come to England and study to become a barrister. Jones bought a house in London, where the daughter lived and received rents from other tenants.

They later quarreled and the mother sought repossession of the house.


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