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In most cases you will find that formatting styles are often associated with a particular discipline.The MLA for example is connected to humanities and liberal arts majors while the APA is often used for different types of social sciences.

In online sources where page number is not present you can write paragraph number or else omit it.

The quotation should be accurate and it should follow the wording, grammar, and punctuation of the actual writing.

Using quotations to share authoritative or expert advice and commentary can not only improve reader comprehension but also add a valuable perspective or view on a topic.

For specifically, quotations work very well as evidence to support a particular point or claim.

Unless using raw data from an experiment for instance, or first-hand accounts such as diary entries or interviews, most of the information you collect will come from books, journal articles, and reference materials.

And when quoting from these sources specific guidelines need to be in place according to the reviewers standards, or in most cases, the styling guide that is required by a school or publisher.The researcher uses a quote in a research when any changes made by paraphrasing the source would not be effective.This means that a quote in a research paper has a vital role but its use should be limited to where paraphrasing is not worth to do.The are two important considerations in adding quotations in research: first one is related to how to write quotation in research; and second is related to how to cite quotations in research.The rules for writing a quotation in research is same among different systems of research citation. Quotations and paraphrasing are two ways in which you can introduce a source in your research.Quotations are used primarily when the source explicitly explains what the researcher likes to say.A short quote can appear within your own text but only separated by single or double quotation marks.On the other hand a long quotation should appear separately as a block that is indented from left.The rules for citing quotations are some what different among different citation systems.The first and the most basic rule in writing a quotation is that you have to copy word to word the same material that you have read from the original author.


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