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Noticing a bulk of unused VHS tapes in our school’s basement, I did some research and discovered that discarding these are harmful for the environment.

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There will be no changes to the UC application personal insight questions this year.

So, while you cannot submit the application until November 1st or work on the application until it opens on August 1st, you can certainly start working on the essay prompts. Let’s strategize so you can stand out from the crowd!

I was part of making silent history at our school this past year.

As a part of the Community Outreach Committee of Leadership Class, I contacted the local Food Bank and together with the help of the student body, donated over 600 pounds of canned food for Thanksgiving.

Moreover, I’ve learned to be responsible with my choices.

A wrong argument can mean losing if we can’t defend well.This trend has increased my credibility in my debate league to such a level that my partner and I were invited to participate in a series of public debates at LA City Hall to defend the water policy for the drought.The opportunity allowed me to actually impact the public’s awareness and accept a larger responsibility in the workings of my community.I trained my cadets by encouraging teamwork and learning, trying to somehow make the harsh military training fun. Leadership was enjoyable until I discovered one of my cadets had cheated on a test.In the military, cheating is resolved with an immediate trip to the detention barracks. It was painful and brought a few tears, but I could not show any wavering or doubt, at least not in front of them.As a member of Leadership, I have also spent countless hours preparing for and facilitating New Student Orientation, Homecoming, and Grad Night, among many other programs.Seeing a gap in our care of the student body, I also expanded the New Student Lunches Program to include not just freshman, but all new transfers, regardless of grade level. It forces me to constantly weigh the pros and cons of how I carry myself, how I speak, and how I listen at every single event we put on for the student body.That said, I sometimes used the phrase “UC essay” below because people search for “US essay example” or "UC personal statement" ten times more than “UC personal insight questions examples”, and such a search may very well be what brought you here. The University of California school system covers 10 of some of the best schools in the country.UC does things a little differently - they have a separate application and (you guessed it) a separate list of essays to write.After a brief few months of training I was posted to Officer Cadet School as an instructor.It was my job to shape and mold them; I was ready to attempt everything I’d learned about being a leader and serve my new cadets to the best of my abilities.


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