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RQ4: What are the strategies used by companies for using social media in promoting their brands among the target customers?This research study is contributing significantly in the studies of marketing and brand management where the researcher has provided some key facts about the current usage of social networking sites in brand promotion and marketing.Adgully speaks to India’s leading brand nurturers and digital agencies to understand how they are leveraging the networking revolution.

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Last and fifth chapter includes the conclusion drawn by the research from the key findings and provided the recommendation to marketers.

There is a latest trend of using social networking sites for brand promotion however the businesses are realizing slowly of using social networking sites for brand promotion.

This community was started when a female customer has posted its comment about the after sales services of Skoda and a person has picked this comment and posted it on social networking site (Muncaster, 2007).

It is not only the corporate biggies who have used social networking sites as a medium to promote their brand but also a phenomena of retailing the designers label to increase the brand awareness among the target customers.

Social network affect the purchase decision making process of consumers which make the difference in the branding and marketing strategies.

However social networking websites are useful for the marketers to increase the brand awareness and product awareness.

The aim of this research is to analyze the impact of social networking sites on brand promotion.

In order to fulfill the aim of the research, researcher has laid down following research objectives which has been achieved in this research as a part of research aim.

To understand the importance of social networking websites in branding strategy To determine the advantage of using social media in marketing and branding To understand the current and future scope & viability of social media To identify the strategies of companies using social media as a medium for promoting their brand In order to achieve the above research objectives, the research has addressed the following research questions in this study.

RQ1: What is the importance of social networking sites in branding and marketing?


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