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If your career never got messed up, then you’d probably stay in your comfort-zone for your entire life and never try something different.

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A bra in a smaller band size is your prescription here. A size 38 band can really be an 34 cup in this case. You don’t need all of that extra padding to keep your nipples at bay.

Try a contour or lightly lined bra in any style, and you should feel as natural as you please without feeling like everyone can see the headlights.

This is the 156th time I’ve written this fact (for those of you counting). You’ll wake up tomorrow and have problems for breakfast.

You’ll jump on the train and read a problem in your email inbox.

This situation usually occurs with smaller breasts that aren’t a full-cup shape. If that doesn’t work, go down a cup size and experiment with a new style. Try going up one band size, or explore wider bands you can find on a longline style. Boob sweat is a sign you’re wearing a bra with a little too much padding, or a smothering fabric.

A demi or a balconette cup that will cut lower on the breast, and lift. An unlined style like this one will allow your ladies to breathe while providing the structure you want.

Upon reflection, the time I’ve been the happiest has been when I’ve had the least amount of money.

Countless studies have shown that money isn’t what your life’s about.

The number of critics you have is in direct proportion to your success. When you speak on a stage, for example, 25% of people will like you, 25% won’t know who you are and 50% of people will think you’re an asshole even though you’ve probably done nothing wrong. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a happy-go-lucky office worker, your career is going to get messed up at some point. Things you can never predict in your career are going to happen.

The definition of business is this: Moving from one problem to another and making money in the meantime to fuel your mission. See career challenges for what they are: an opportunity to try something different.


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