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You might say that some of these "problem-solving examples" in the workplace could overlap. For example, both new and experienced business owners must “hire talented people.” This issue wastes no time in demanding the attention of a new business owner.Similarly, delegating responsibility is always front and center.

Are you stuck with workplace problems that you can't solve? When you say that you're “a firefighter," you don't mean the firefighter who runs into buildings with fires blazing.

You're a small-business owner, and you've put out your share of fires – or your share of "work-related problems" – every day.

It’s fair to assume that your "problem-solving skills" will improve, as you climb the corporate ladder.

You can also speed up your learning curve by reviewing some of the more common problems that new business owners face – as well as those faced by the problem-solvers – who have a few more years under their firefighting belt.

Solve this problem by setting the bar of communication high. Phone calls, emails and texts are OK in a pinch, but they are a poor substitute for a fully present exchange.

Problem 2: Setting appropriate goals and expectations.

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Of course, there's arguably no such thing as “perfection.” And of course it's a lousy choice to have to make.

But as a new small-business owner, you can bet that you will face this tough choice, whether you're reviewing a core product (or service) or an ancillary feature, such as your marketing content.


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