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One of the skills that's being tested during a case interview is something I call data sufficiency.Basically, you have a bunch of data and the question is do you have ENOUGH data to make a particular conclusion.

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6) The driver - Perhaps Volvo's are not actually safer cars, but perhaps Volvo DRIVERS are safer.

This might be hard to test with data, but to start it would be useful to get the accident history of drivers who own Volvos when they drive NON-Volvo cars.

3) # passengers in the car - Perhaps single people drive Volvo's so there's only one person in the car, compared to say a Toyota which is perhaps a family car which perhaps carries more passengers.

So maybe when a Volvo crashes it kills the 1 person in the car more OFTEN, but in other car brands people die LESS OFTEN, but there are MORE passengers.

Zaroukian, two new cases per month, 24 cases per series; requires e-mail and Internet connection, Internet Explorer 4.×/5.× or Netscape Navigator 4.×, 800x600 screen resolution recommended; $50 per series, ISBN 0-943126-91-6, Philadelphia, Pa, American College of Physicians–American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM), 1999 ( demo:

Developing practical clinical problem-solving skills is an important professional endeavor for health care providers.To test this, I would need to know the average number of passengers per trip in Volvo cars vs. 4) # accidents - Perhaps Volvos get in more accidents a lot more often than other cars, but perhaps once you get in an accident you're less likely to die.For example, maybe Volvo brakes don't work so you crash all the time, but the Volvo body frame construction and airbags are excellent.You will get a lot more value out of it this way because frankly there are very FEW practice opportunities available.Don't use them up by just reading them, use them by ATTEMPTING to answer them first.My Answer: The validity of the claim that Volvo has the safest car in the US because fewer people die in it is at best ambiguous.I have several concerns about this claim: 1) The definition of "safe" -- the statement assumes that a safe car is only one where someone does not die IN the car.Patient management problems and clinical problem-solving cases have been incorporated into certifying examinations and continuing education programs.Such simulations, in print or electronic form, allow users to select diagnostic or treatment options for hypothetical patients with immediate feedback on management decisions.To test this, I'd need to know how many accidents involve Volvos compared with other cars -- especially in comparison to their relative market shares.5) Mileage - Perhaps Volvos are driven less often for shorter distances than cars from other manufacturers.


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