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By 1912, a total of 34 states in the US had already passed laws that rightly denied insane people the right of marriage.

Nine states denied epileptic people the right of marriage while 15 states banned the mentally challenged people from marrying each other.

The US mainly held eugenic ideologies in regard to common disabilities such as mental and physical challenges.

Prior to the Second World War, leading physicians and biologists welcomed an idea by Hitler, one race at the epitome of the new state of Germany (Marrus 1989, p. This resulted into concentration camps as well as genetic research on human beings that defined the Holocaust.

Eugenics is a scheme that is widely used to enhance an improved human race through a controlled reproduction.

This is a practice that became common, reaching much popularity between the late 19th century and the Second World War (Glass 1999, p. A good example of the wide use of eugenic principles was when the German Nazis carried massive sterilization and genocide.The main reasons why certain human racial groups embrace the use of this practice are also addressed.The relevance of eugenics to the various societies used, in relation to criminality today, are widely discussed in this paper.The contemporary eugenic ideologies The early 20th century foresaw hundred thousand of Americans who were considered unfit, forcibly being sterilized for what was dubbed as a process of improving the human race.The Criminal Justice in one of its darkest historical chapters sanctioned the process declaring that three generations of unfit Americans were enough.In the early 20th century, social Darwinist viewed medical care as relatively weak and an increased ability to survive, contrary to letting nature take its due course of effective elimination of people (Weikart 2006, p. In Germany, fear was growing among certain individuals that the intervention of medics and welfare policies enabled weak and relatively improvised citizens to sap and survive the nation’s resources.Such ideologies emerging from particular sub-racial groups in Germany expressed how eugenics were considered as everything.These are shocking revelations at a time when most people thought issues of eugenic did not matter anymore (Bauman 2013, p. The revelation is a true testimony that, in the contemporary America, eugenics are still considered as highly important among certain individuals.Issues of controlled birth rates are highly popular in the western societies.The criminal justice systems of various countries during this time, supported groups thought to be fit by the authorities (Turda & Weindling 2006, 107).The unfit groups were not protected by the judges and did not have the rights of marriage in most cases.


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