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For example, let's say Rebecca Fox wrote a book in which she quotes Patrick Henry, who said: "Give me liberty or give me death." Here is how you would handle it in a paper: There are two strategies to use when paraphrasing.

The first, demonstrated above, is to substitute synonyms for the original words and phrases wherever possible.

So the last thing to do is to smooth it out: not harmonious.

This phrase emphasizes the subjectivity of Lipsius's approach to the writings, and we have retained the same idea in our version: he ignores "whatever strikes him" as incompatible, not whatever incompatible.

It is also clear that the author is referring only to "Stoic writings," and we have paraphrased these as "Stoic texts." To paraphrase "writings" as "writers" would be inaccurate since Lipsius does not attempt to reconcile the incompatible, so he ignored them.

"Christian notions" and "Christian ideas" mean the same thing, but to paraphrase either one as "the Bible" would be inaccurate, since "Christian notions" refers to much more: attitudes about the Bible, ways that the Bible is taught, ideas that are based on the Bible but not actually contained in it, etc.

Ellipses may be used to remove secondary information and keep quotes concise, but the quoted material should still make sense and accurately represent the source.

It is not necessary to use an ellipsis if you truncate the beginning of a sentence, but it is necessary if you truncate the end. If you quote someone who is quoted by someone else, indicate this.

But if you quote directly from a single message that you received or paraphrase its contents, it may be clearer and more economical to create a works-cited-list entry for the message. But if some sources are more relevant to the idea than others, you might list the sources in order of relevance: Scholars have long advanced the idea that political and economic forces undergird how narratives are shaped (Jameson; Poovey; Cohen). You could also provide the page number for the quotation in parentheses and then insert an endnote about the paraphrase: Andrew Davis asserts that the strategies undertaken by the institution were well formulated but ultimately unsuccessful because the institution failed to persuade employees that the “preemptive” . Translated by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling, edited by Frederick Engels, vol. It may, however, be better to revise: Karl Marx said that a commodity is a strange object (47).

The following examples paraphrase information presented by Pfanner and cite his article as the source of the information, . For example, the following is a paraphrase from an essay by Naomi S.


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