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While Cubism is most often associated with painting, its founding figures, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, also created collages in this style.

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On the heels of Dada, Surrealists adopted and adapted this cut-and-paste technique.

Much like their “automatic” approach to painting, these artists relied on the subconscious to produce one-of-a-kind assemblages made of photographs, illustrations, colored paper, and paint.

This will create wonderful decorative paper strips that will make your kid go creative with ideas.

The best way to introduce your kid to paper cutting craft ideas is to draw large, simple shapes on different pieces of colorful papers and get him to cut them out along the outline.

See your kid goes bonkers with this easy paper cut out art activity.

Trace out some cute animals on card papers and ask your kid to cut them out and decorate them by adding details for eyes, nose and other features.You can then use these objects to create a scene and ask your kid to decorate it and then stick it on his room’s wall.[ Read: Another cool trick to try out and learn paper cutting art for kids.These linked objects are easy to make and will get your kid all buzzing with energy over his creations. Draw a simple object so that your kid doesn’t cut it out from the ‘folded’ edge- this will help create a link between the identical objects.The inventive and innovative approach to art attracted artists due to its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and unique, pieced-together process.Beginning in the modernist period and continuing into the contemporary art world, the collage art form has undergone a series of changes as more and more artists opt to explore it.Trace out a simple triangle on a sheet of green card paper for your kid and create sections between every few centimeters.Now ask your kid to cut along these lines and then stick them together leaving some space in between each, on a green stick, and then decorate it! This is a cool trick to try that also helps your child get trained in cutting along curvy edges.Collages can be created from a range of materials, though most are made of paper or wood and often feature cut-and-pasted photographs, painted forms, or even 3-dimensional objects.As more and more modern artists began exploring the practice throughout the 20th century, these mediums became more varied and increasingly experimental.Paper cutting art and craft ideas are a good choice when it comes to getting kids and preschoolers involved in extra-curricular activities.A paper cut out art can help your child explore his creative side while developing his motor skills.


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