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Importantly, the IMF has a managing director who supervises and chairs the executive board (Hawkin, 2006).The IMF Board of Governors has all organizational powers, which are applicable to all constituents in 185 countries.The organization entails a collaborative committee with The Board of Governor members’ from World Bank and IMF who controls development processes.

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IMF activities initiated in 1945 and presently, it associates with 185 countries.

The organizational structure of IMF has a governing body that consists of the Board of Governors.

These committees specialize in advising staffs and reporting different functions to the board of governors (Hawkin, 2006).

They also monitor the processes involved in the administration and adaption of international monetary and fiscal systems.

of the of the Organizational structure is characterized as a hierarchical arrangement ofmanagement authorities that define the line of communication, roles, responsibilities, and rights of persons within specific offices of an organization (Business Dictionary, 2013).

The structure also clarifies the relations of power and responsibilities that illustrate control and coordination within levels of management (Business Dictionary, 2013).The IMF consists of 2,650 personnel in 185 countries (Hawkin, 2006).Initially, I will evaluate and contrast the organizational structure of IMF and Google ...Therefore, organizational structure is beneficial to organizations because it guides the delegation of organizational power, roles and responsibilities.In addition, it monitors and controls the flow of information among different management levels within an organization (Cassia, Paleari & Redondi, 2005).Experts contented that structure is reliant on organizational objectives and strategies. Organizational Structure Organizational Structure Introduction Organizational structure is a technical term that encompasses activities such as task allocation, coordination, and management that are directed toward the accomplishment of long term organizational objectives.Often the top side of the structure is the decision-making body of the organization and are exercising supervisory control over departments within the organization or its subdivision (Business Dictionary, 2013... Scott defines organizational structure as “the set of features that arises as a result of the efforts within the organization to differentiate the labor; and coordinate and control the work” (as cited in Johnson, 1995, p.11).MH Company is a three years old, located at the north eastern part of United s.The company deals in the mobility products like wheelchairs, walkers etc that enable the people to become more mobile.IMF is an inter-governmental entity that offers policy advices and finances to members facing economic problems.It also collaborates with upcoming nations to assist them attain macroeconomic benefits to lessen poverty levels.


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