Mystery Shopper Assignments

Some assignments may take 2-3 minutes to complete inside the store, and others may take half an hour or more.However you also need to consider the time taken to read the instructions before completing the assignment and the time to submit your results online after you do the assignment.

From time to time we may also need to send out text (SMS) messages to shoppers when we have important information that needs to be communicated quickly. If you are happy to travel, you can apply to do any mystery shopping assignment, even while you are on holidays as long as you have access to the internet, can read the documentation and can submit your answers online and on time.

To find assignments outside of your normal location, under How long do mystery shopping assignments take to complete?

You are expected to cover all costs associated with you completing the mystery shopping assignments, including stationery, travel expenses etc.

What bank details/tax issues do I need to consider?

Mystery shoppers assess their shopping experience by evaluating areas such as customer service, store presentation, product quality, add-on selling techniques, cleanliness and promotional material, based on a survey and guidelines provided for each assignment.

To become a mystery shopper with The Realise Group you will need: What is the minimum age to become a mystery shopper?

Our Schedulers will review the applications from all our shoppers and will assign the shop to only one shopper.

You will then receive an email to confirm that either your application is 'Accepted' or 'Closed'.

When you sign up to become a mystery shopper you will need to complete your bank details via our secure online form within your shopper profile.

This is so we can pay you once you have completed a mystery shopping assignment. For Australian mystery shoppers, you will also need to provide us with either an ABN (Australian Business Number) or Statement By Supplier Form.


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