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But rivers undergo changes: sometimes they overflow one bank, sometimes the other, and sometimes they flow between them.

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If you want to track the changes in the various editions, the following link should be helpful: Montaigne, so far as I can tell, does not have paragraph breaks (the only breaks are those provided by quotations), so I (along with other translators) have inserted my own where they seemed appropriate.

When I consider the way in which our river, the Dordogne, in our own times has eroded the right bank of its descending flow and that in twenty years it has gained so much and washed away the foundations of several buildings, I clearly see that this disturbance is extraordinary.

For if it had always worked in this way or were to do so in future, the face of the earth would be utterly transformed.

All commercial use of this work, however, requires the permission of Ian Johnston (When king Pyrrhus moved across into Italy and was scouting out the organization of the army which the Romans sent out against him, he observed, I do not know what sort of barbarians these are (for the Greeks used to call all foreign nations by that name) but the formation of this army I am looking at has nothing barbarous about it.

The Greeks said much the same about the army Flaminius marched through their country, and so did Philip, when he looked down from a hillock on the order and layout of the Roman camp built in his kingdom under the command of Publius Sulpicius Galba.


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