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Macbeth later told Lady Macbeth about this and she just wanted to help him and do whatever she could for him, so that he would be happy and be King.She was also excited about becoming a Queen so she pushed Macbeth forward and did not let him back down from doing what he said he'd do. He had many noble qualities as well as several tragic flaws.

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The witches' prophecy that he would be king made him decide to leave it to "chance," but Duncan's announcement that Malcolm was to be his heir made Macbeth realize that he would have to take a course of action for the prophecies to come true.

He changed his mind again before he reached home until his wife persuaded him that it could be done safely.

He widely accepted her advice and ideas and they were both avid partners in the murder of Duncan.

Macbeth was very affectionate with his wife and when he was speaking to her he often used words of endearment (“Dearest love," "Dearest chuck" and "Sweet remembrancer").

Macbeth listened to the witches’ prophecies that said he would become King.

Macbeth did not want to wait any longer and he thought the only way to become King was to kill the present King; Duncan.Macbeth could be brave when it came to action but when he started thinking he would hesitate and would have to be urged into action by his wife or by the sense of security that he obtained from the prophecies of the supernatural.He changed his mind five times before murdering Duncan.His imagination was so strong that when it was left to roam uncontrolled his "function/ Is smother'd in surmise." This was seen in the "dagger" scene and in the panic which Macbeth suffers after the murder of Duncan.This was also seen with Banquo's ghost at the banquet. At the beginning of the play she participated avidly in his life and he informed her of everything that was going on (for example he sent her a letter telling her of the witches' prophecies).Macbeth started as a courageous and brave general who loved his wife very much.But because of the faults that must accompany every tragic hero, he was led to his ruin by his overwhelming ambition, superstition and moral cowardice.It was his superstition that made him so unquestioningly the promises of the apparitions and rest so easily assured.It was all his superstitions that made him cling to his belief in these promises when circumstances became difficult.Macbeth changed from a noble hailed as the savior of his country, a "valiant cousin," a "worthy gentleman," to a man of boundless cruelty.So we can say that his sky high ambition causes his damnation.


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