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A literature review may be an independent academic task or a part of a Ph. It allows estimating how deep students have immersed in their subjects of research and their potential for critical evaluation of authoritative sources. work must include a review of the involved literature.

You may be familiar with MLA style from high school or other undergraduate English and Writing courses.

Also, you may have been exposed to APA (American Psychological Association) style in some of your other courses, which is typically used in the social sciences and related disciplines.

The purpose of a literature review is to provide an overview of important sources and information published about a specific topic.

Most writers of scholarly articles include an introductory literature review to provide a broader context for their original research.

If there is no author given, start with the first significant word in the title. Academic Writing - APA Resources (from the Concordia Library) APA Formatting and Style Guide (from the Purdue Online Writing Lab) APA 6th Ed.

When writing out the titles of your references, capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle, as well as proper nouns. Citation Tutorial As described above, literature reviews are evaluative surveys of scholarly articles and other sources that focus on a particular issue or area of research which should also be formatted in APA style.

Literature Reviews - UNC at Chapel Hill This site includes some tips about organizing and composing literature reviews, as well as important guidelines to keep in mind as you are evaluating and writing about your sources.

Click here to view a sample literature review in APA style.

This is by no means an exhaustive explanation of APA style or a complete collection of resources - these are just some tips and ideas to get you started.

Do some searching on your own if you need further help, and remember that the best way to master and fully understand these rules and guidelines is to practice them.


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