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Introduction The most important quality that differentiates a leader from other people is the ability to think strategically.Vision is the most important aspect that drives a leader’s strategy. Other qualities include Decision making, problem solving, time management, self-motivation, emotional intelligence and many more.Once we know the type of leadership, it is easy to find what leadership skills we have and which we need to develop which is explained in the book “Leadership: Theory, application, skill development (5th ed.) by Lussier and Achua.” Also, Keirsey Style Sorter personality type helps to knowing our temperament type, and work on our weakness and to emerge out as a good leader.

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I always keep finding new ways to keep myself motivated and I always have eagerness to learn new things, finding new ways to do a task differently....

and stimulate performance of employees (as much as 300%) and deal with change and diversity.

This is very appreciated by the upper management and they now can always rely on me to find the root cause of the problem and try and fix those problem.

I also try and explain the steps to other colleagues so that if they can rectify the error at an early stage that we would not have to spend time in correcting things at the publishing stage. Self-Motivation I believe to be a leader, once should love the work he/she is doing.

(Burrs, pg2) An effective manager can however, provide leadership in the individuals he/she delegates as supervisors or middlemanagers.

By doing so a manager proves effective and allows the hybrid formed by the initial framework, adding in sport coaches, teachers, employers, formal training, and life experiences in the US Air Force.(Simonton) All good managers though, do not have enough leadership skills.Those skills are learned through interaction,self reflection, growth and self development.(CCHL, 2010 student of leadership can be melded by their observational and practical experiences of other leaders who serve as their mentors.Management is seen as a set of skills and abilities that are learnt, while leadership is seen as a set of innate personal characteristics (Kouzes and Posner, 2008).Through the assignments that I’ve done in this class so far, I’ve learned how to plan a web design project and where to start.I believe what I’ve learned from here will help me to organize and lead website projects in the future if I work as a web designer/ or web project Experience .......................................This paper describes about my leadership strengths and areas for growth/future study.It also included how these qualities are used in my daily work routine, self-assessment results and a brief explanation on Individual style in leadership.This self-leadership provides a foundation on which to identify values and beliefs, motivations, their impacts on behaviour, and strengths and weaknesses, to develop a plan to enhance leadership effectiveness. Those skills are learned through interaction, self reflection, growth and self development.The self assessment of my leadership style includes reflection on leadership situations, colleague feedback, the use of self-assessment improved my marriage as well as my work life. In many cases a management position may have been obtained because of time of service with an organization and not due to leadership qualities or capabilities.


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