Junior Underwriter Cover Letter

Preparing answers to customary interview questions is a start, but think about what sort of job-specific inquiries they’re most likely to ask, and draft your answers ahead of time to use as talking points.

Understand that your goal is not memorization but to demonstrate your ability to effectively relay your message.

But some insurance companies require all underwriter trainee candidates to possess a college degree.

Even if a college degree is not required, taking college courses with an emphasis in business studies can increase your chances of becoming a trainee.

Create a professional resume that highlights your skills and employment history.

Applicable skills to list on your resume include oral and written communication, analytical, data entry, risk assessment, detail oriented and time management.

Your next step is to get ready for the first job interview.

Hiring managers use this initial meeting as an opportunity to learn about you, your employment history, and the talents and skills you potentially bring to their company.

Also, don’t forget to clearly tie your past actions to a visibly positive result, especially if it translates to specific numbers in terms of time or cost savings.

Build My Resume Demonstrate That You’re Teachable: While there are larger industry trends at work, each insurance firm offers coverage according to its own standards, ideologies, and business goals.


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